Are you looking for a low-cost waste removal solution? For the removal of your small amount of waste, Mini Skip Hire provides an unbeatable solution for the removal of waste material. If you are looking for a small home renovation or improvement projects such as clearance of garden, and household waste removal you should hire 2-yard mini skip hire from Mini Skip Hire at affordable and discounted rates. 

The 2-yard cheap mini skip hire service is available throughout the UK as we are a nationwide skip hire service provider. Due to their compact size, it is very often to place it on the roadside or in a public place which means that it is a cost-effective skip size and save money, as usual,  it doesn’t require permits. These skips can hold up to 20 – 30 black bin bags. Therefore, it is perfectly designed for the removal of small domestic and commercial clear-out projects. 




The 2-yard mini skip is the popular skip size among the small domestic and commercial clear-out applications. Their popularity among the small waste removal consumers as well as among the builders for an additional skip to dispose of those waste materials that can’t be mixed up with plasterboards. Generally, the 2-yard mini skip size doesn’t require any permit from the council as these skips are in compacted sizes and can be placed inside the homes and offices as well. But if it needs to be placed on public property or roadside then a permit from the local council authority is required. Moreover, there are some extra projects fit for 2-yard mini skips like small garden clearance, kitchen & bathroom refitting, small home improvements, and DIY projects, as well. 


Are you looking for the cheapest mini skip hire service provider in your local area? Then Mini Skip Hire would be the perfect choice of yours as the most cost-effective 2-yard skips are available exclusively at Mini Skip Hire, throughout the United Kingdom. 

Its average price falls between £126 – £271. These prices vary from area to area and also some other factors may impact such as permits, availability of the skip, location, and hiring duration. Also, thanks to their compacted sizes as these skips are relatively placed inside home gardens and on driveways. 

You will not find such a cost-effective mini skip hire anywhere else, except at Mini Skip Hire. Hurry up! And get an instant discount offer and save money. 




Max. Capacity (Tonnes)

4 Feet

5 Feet

3 Feet

2 Tonnes


Mini Skip Hire offers unbeatable prices and services for 2-yard mini skip sizes. This skip size is also becoming popular among the commercial and builder skip hire consumers due to its smaller size. If you have a smaller amount of trash at your workplace then you don’t need to hire large-skip sizes as 2-yard will perfectly accommodate your smaller amount of rubbish materials. So, whether you’re in need to hire a skip for your office or domestic purpose, contact us and enjoy hassle-free skip hire services.


Capacity of Bags

Approximately 20 - 30 Bin Bags.

Maximum Capacity

2 Tonnes


Height 4 feet, Length 5 feet & Width 3 feet

Hiring Period

Normally period of hiring is 7 - 14 days.

Average Price

£126 – £271



Garage Contents/Household


Green Waste/Wood


Ceramic/Garden Stone/Bricks/Tiles


Soil or Mixture of Soil/hardcore

Mixed Waste

Mixture of any of the above

Permit for Skip

Usually, 2-yard skip hire size doesn’t require a permit, due to its smaller size it can be placed in small gardens as well as driveways inside your property. But if you don’t have enough space to place inside your home or office then you should have to take a license from the city council to place it on public land or the roadside. So, you don’t need to bother or waste your time in the acquisition of the permit as we are here to help you in taking permits. The skip hire permit fee is not charged by us as it is collected by the local authority. You should pay an extra amount to acquire the permit. 


After booking your quote, your required 2-yard skip will be delivered to you as per your instructions. If you ask to deliver the skip on the same day, we will deliver the skip to your driveway within 24 hours. And if you request to deliver on your convenient time or instructed date then the skip will be delivered to you on the requested date. When you filled to skip with rubbish material and need to dispose of the waste material, you just need to make a call to us and we will take the skip to recycling plants if the waste material is recyclable.

Level Loads Only

A skip should not be overloaded as it will create a hassle for you as well as for the van which will take it to the landfills or recycling plants. If a skip is loaded above the containers’ sides then you may pay extra charges and the driver of the van will not take the overloaded skip. So, be careful while loading the skip. Make sure that it can be easily loaded into the van. Otherwise, he will leave the filled skip at your premises if it wasn’t loaded easily.

Hazardous Materials

Don’t you know what materials can be put into the skip and what is not allowed to be placed into the skip? Then we will let you know what are hazardous materials and are not permitted to be thrown into the skip. These materials may cause harm to your health and it is against the laws of skip hire policy. These materials are including; tires, asbestos, batteries, electrical appliances, acids, paints, plasterboards, items of dangerous reactions, fluorescent tubes, gas cylinders, televisions, freezers, refrigerators, generators, liquids, solvents, and pyrotechnics.

Burning in the Skip

No fire is permitted to the customers in the skip. If the fire incident happens in the skip intentionally or incidentally, the customer will have to pay extra charges against the damage done to the skip. So, make sure that no fire incident happens it the skip to avoid any extra charges. To complete the hassle-free process of your waste removal, you should follow these instructions strictly.

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