If you are in search of inexpensive and affordable mechanisms to clear out all your household waste and debris in a fast, easy and efficient manner, then you have to contact Mini Skip Hire for this purpose. Do you find dealing with garbage and its disposal hectic and tiresome? Then we are here to help you by offering excellent waste management services at the most competitive pricing. We provide exceptional mini skip hire services near you. The 3-yard mini skip hire is manufactured with high-quality to tackle your needs of small household waste disposal, garden soil clearing and kitchen or bathroom refurbishment projects.

We provide our 3-yard skip hire services all around the country, and you can hire our mini skip hires anywhere near you, at any time at the lowest and discounted rates. Our rates are unique and affordable, and our services are beyond comparison, top-notch and reliable. You can place the 3-yard skip in your own residential or housing area which makes them, even more, cost-effective and affordable. Because, in this case, you don’t need to acquire any permit or license from the local government to place the skip.


3-yard mini skips are the best possible option for small trash removal and provide outstanding household waste and cleaning solutions. Due to their short and concise size, it is effortless to place them in a smaller area, like the kitchen and bathroom where larger size can not easily fit. They are very much less expensive and cheap due to their small size and are ideal for small garden soil disposal or lesser construction waste removal. You can easily place a 3-yard skip in your house backyard or housing colony, so these attributes are making the mini skips even more popular and economical choice for the small waste removing project. These skips are even ideal for small DIY projects. Hiring the most wanted and reliable 3-yard skip is just one call away, simply let us know your requirements, and we’ll deal with your waste by delivering the 3-yard mini skip at your doorstep.


Finding the right fit skip hire size is very important, and one must first confirm the skip size they require before ordering. People often hire 2-yard skip size, while they require a 3-yard skip. 3-yard skip size is slightly bigger than the mini skip and can occupy more quantity of waste than a 2-yard skip. 3-yard skip size has dimensions: 6 ft in L (1.82 m) x 4 ft in width (1.22 m) x 3 ft in Hight (0.91 m). 

It can easily lift 35 to 40 black bin bags. These skips are not that much commonly offered by skip hire providers, but we provide this skip size also for our customer’s needs. The prize of a 3-Yard skip depends upon many factors, such as location and time duration.

 On average, they are hiring a 3-yard skip hire average price is £158 – £271. These prices are inclusive of VAT, and you can have them compared to any other skip hire provider; you’ll see a clear difference in our prices. These are the most reasonable and cost-effective skip hire prices near you.




Max. Capacity (Tonnes)

3 Feet

6 Feet

4 Feet

3 Tonnes


3-yard skips due to their comfortability and ease of use are becoming very popular for every type of small waste cleaning. They are also useful for clearing out fallen leaves during the winter season. The 3-yard skip size is convenient to move around in remote places. This skip size is elementary to handle, and a single man can move it around anywhere without requiring much effort and force. Bulky items and certain chemicals and industrial materials are not allowed to be put inside this size. These skips can easily dispose of 3 tonnes of waste. Hire 3-yard skip size for trouble-free and lightning-fast waste disposal in a small amount.


Capacity of Bags

Approximately 30 - 40 Bin Bags.

Maximum Capacity

3 Tonnes


Height 3 feet, Length 6 feet & Width 4 feet

Hiring Period

Normally period of hiring is 7 - 14 days.

Average Price

£158 – £271



Garage Contents/Household


Green Waste/Wood


Ceramic/Garden Stone/Bricks/Tiles


Soil or Mixture of Soil/hardcore

Mixed Waste

Mixture of any of the above

Permit for Skip

A council permit is required when skips required to place in council or public land. In the case of 3-yard mini skips, due to their small and tiny size, a permit is usually not needed. Because it is straightforward and feasible to place mini skips inside the house. In case, if someone wished to place this skip in public land, you don’t have to worry about the workflow and procedure of how to get a council permit, as we are also providing permit acquisition services to our customers, for their ease.


We provide lightning-fast and accurate skips deliveries to our customers’ at the customers’ doorstep. These deliveries are scheduled as per customers instructions. Same-day skip delivery and schedule date skip delivery both are available for 3-yard skip hire size. Once the skips are filled with the trash, we dumped the waste according to its domain. You can schedule the skip hire delivery by merely visiting our site for customer support.

Level Loads Only

Every skip size has a particular weight carrying capacity, and the skip should not be loaded or overweight than that amount. If the skip is loaded above the capacity or containers side, then it makes it very difficult to unload and dispose of the waste. Even if the skip is very much overloaded, then the company may issue you some penalty, or you have to pay an extra amount than the skip rates. For skip capacity and weight loading guidelines, give us a call or visit our website.

Hazardous Materials

There are certain items which are not allowed to be put inside skip and placing them in the skip is against the skip hiring rules and regulations. In the same manner, some items are banned from being put inside the 3-yard skip. These items are chemicals, tyres, asbestos, fluorescent, harmful chemicals, gas cylinders, solvents, liquids and electric items. These items may cause trouble if placed inside the 3-yard skip. Also, heavy construction items such as metals and woods are not appropriate for this size.

Burning in the Skip

Any material which can cause fire or burning is not allowed in the skip. Burning the waste or fire is not allowed in the skip. If anything is placed, which caused fire intentionally or accidentally, then the customer has to pay for all the damage caused by the fire. Please, follow the skip hiring guidelines to have trouble-free skip hire services. Do not put any material which is flammable inside the skip to avoid any inconvenience or trouble. 

3 Yard Skip Hire Services

Acquire a helping hand in hiring the 2-yard skip at exceptional prices. Mini Skip Hire is here to provide your desired skip size. Book a quote for your 2-yard skip and feel free.