Skip is an open-toped container designed for storing waste, unlike other bin containers it is conveyed with the truck to the dump point, Mini skip is the small size skip with the same characteristics. Usually, it is replaced with an empty container when got filled up.

You can use a single skip for up to 5 days consecutively as a standard period, if you need more days to keep it you have to pay additional charges for each day.

We care for our clients; we offer instant service to our customers. But you have to contact us and place an order, before our standard official hiring time.

When you realize you should get your skip emptied you should call us on our local landline. Moreover, we suggest you call us a day before service or early in the morning on the same day.

If you are placing the Skip on the pavements, then you must use the traffic cones, reflective markings, nighttime safety lamps. The contact info of the skip hire company must also be there otherwise any inconvenience to the public may lead you to a fine for £1,000.

We take special care of that your waste could use in recycle as much as possible. Therefore, we directed our workers to sort it out carefully. And rest of the waste is dumped according to regulations of the Local Council.

We do not offer such a service yet, but it will be available soon as we are making some more advancements. Keep in touch to become our first buyer for that service. 

The service is available for Sundays too, but the numbers of suppliers usually are limited on Sundays, the service may be late. We suggest you request for Fridays or Saturdays to avoid facing a problem.


As soon as you order a skip you will be asked to make the payment through credit or debit cards. We operate the payment system on our secured server.

If the skip is filled up before the arranged picking date, or you want it to be picked up for any reason, you need to inform us so that we could arrange the new picking date.

To ensure the on-time delivery you have to request one day before the delivery date, or you can also call us early in the morning for same-day delivery.

You are suggested to fill it at the level of the skip, otherwise, it would become a problem for us to deliver it safely to the dump point, or it could be dangerous if it contains broken glasses.

The public is directed by the government not to put hazardous materials in the waste bin, such as dangerous chemicals, lab experimental equipment, and other harmful waste material. If it contains sharp materials, you need to inform our workers.

We provide our service for any legal use including domestic, commercial. We have different types of accounts available for different uses.

There are multiple skip hire companies locally in the UK, we have to work with them. We need to maintain our service standards well, which is required by our clients. That’s why the rate doesn’t remain flat.

There is a limit of weight for each bin, if the bin is overweight, you have to pay additional charges according to the exceeding weight. Or you should inform us to make mutual fair prices.

A smallest size 2-yard mini skip contains 20 to 30 bin bags, a 3-yard mini skip can hold 30-40 bin bags, and so on, it is recommended to order according to your use. 

It costs additionally and it depends on the duration of time; you need to contact us before keeping it longer. Also, some places aren’t allowed to keep skips more than a specific period. 

You are advised to fill it below the edges of the skip wall, it is also illegal to convey an overfilled container or skip and it could be harmful because the skip cannot be covered properly if it is overfilled.

You can have it as long as you require it. Our standard skip hire limit is 7 days, but you have to inform us first if you need more time. 

It is illegal to transport with the overfilled container; it cannot be covered appropriately. Therefore, you have to order a new skip for extra waste, and it will either be conveyed along with the old one or on the next pickup, it’s up to you.