We at Mini Skip Hire realize that skip hire is not a simple job. People usually mix up the midi and mini skip hire and get confused between the two, or they can not make the distinction between builders and maxi skips. So Mini Skip Hire provides an easy guide to differentiate the skip sizes to make it easy for you as 1,2,3!

Mini, Midi, Maxi and RORO Skip Hire, What’s the Difference

It is tricky to understand when selecting the right skip size for an appropriate purpose while the dimensions are apparent. We will have a look at all the skips we provide to make the right choice.


Mini Skip Hire, Midi Skip Hire What's The Difference


Mini Skips

As the name shows, Mini skips are the smallest skips we provide at Mini Skip Hire. Generally, we provide our mini skip hire for small household tasks like you will need a mini skip for small garage clearance or eliminating garden waste. Mini Skips we offer measure around 2 to 3 cubic yards and can easily handle 30 to 40 black bags of rubbish.

Midi Skips

Midi skips we offer measure around 4 to 5 cubic yards in volume. The midi skip we provide at Mini Skip Hire is ideal for more than expected waste generated at the domestic level. These skips can easily sit on driveways, making them perfect for household utilization. Midi skips are beneficial for small businesses as well. These skips can roughly handle 50 to 60 bags of trash.

Builders Skips

The next size is builders skip in our collection of skip hire sizes. Builders skips are 6 to 8 cubic yards in size and are the most popular skip hire we offer at Mini Skip Hire as they are the conventional skip sizes. These skip sizes are perfect for medium to large scale tasks. These versatile skips are ideal for the disposal of rubble or hardcore. Builders skip will be an appropriate choice if you are undertaking a business or significant home renovation.

Maxi Skips

Maxi skips can handle the waste equivalent to 110-200 bags of trash as these skips are 10 to 18 cubic yards in volume. These maxi skips are suitable for large garden remodeling or building projects. But these skips are not ideal for handling heavy construction leftovers as these skips are not for heavy bricks, soil, clay or hardcore due to the weight of these items.

These skips are ideal for a lot of bulky items such as furniture. To put these bulky things, you can hire our maxi skips. We are willing to discuss with you explicitly about mini skip hire or for any of our skips to hire. You can freely contact our friendly team to hire an appropriate skip according to your requirements or for further queries.

RORO Skips

RORO skips are the largest skip sizes we offer at Mini Skip Hire, with an extra volume of 20 to 40 cubic yards. Our RORO skips are ideal for larger developmental projects. With a capacity of 220 to 400 bags of trash, our RORO skips are suitable for large commercial or construction sites.

Reliable and Affordable Mini Skip Hire from Mini Skip Hire

If you need to get a mini skip or any other skip size for your next remodeling or building project, you can call Mini Skip Hire and get an affordable and reliable skip hire service. We have acquired many years of experience to assure you get the best quality skip services in the industry.

We will arrange an ideal time to supply and collect the skips while working closely with you. After collecting it, we will recycle more of the waste, and the remaining will be disposed of responsibly. To learn more about our skip services and sizes or get a quote on mini skip hire, visit our website today by clicking button that is given below;

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