Small Skip is one of the best choice if you don’t have a large space to place skip. Many people see them in situations where they need to eliminate a large volume of trash. When you are facing such challenges, you have two solutions for correct waste elimination processes.

First, you will need to make repetitive rounds to your local waste authority for waste removal or secondly, you have the best option of hiring a small skip from Mini Skip Hire. You just relax and give total peace of mind to yourself, and we will take care of all your waste collection, delivering and collecting skip on time.


Planning A Clearout A Small Skip Is The Ideal Solution


The Small Skip

Our small skip is a fantastic option for a small volume of waste. Our 2-yard skip can handle approximately 25-35 black bags of trash. This mini skip with much space for waste handling makes it ideal for small projects such as refurbishments, bathroom redesigns, minor renovation works or home clearouts.

When considering their waste management problems, many people give up on their home clearout plans as soon as possible. Many people do not have access to an appropriately sized vehicle to visit the local authority for trash, so they take no notice of the whole idea.

Do not worry, and our small skip size is a very affordable and reliable option for the entire house clear out process. Our 2-yard skip can fit in a wide range of locations, very thanks to its small size. The mini skip we offer at Mini Skip Hire can sit on your driveway, where you can throw your waste in it and wait for its collection once it is filled.


A local waste authority can be highly time-killing as you are required to take journeys back and forth to the local waste authority, which destroys the precious time that you might spend on your project. Our skip services at Mini Skip Hire are highly convenient as we provide you with the ideal solution to your trash elimination needs.

Empower Your Refurbishment Desires

We are all required to clear out every now and then. It is exemplary to make room for new items by disposing of objects that we no longer use, but we all need to make sure that we dispose of our trash safely. Do not allow your frets of trash management to destroy your refurbishment spirit. Perhaps you want to replace your decking with a lawn, or maybe you wish to exchange your wooden flooring.

Whatever your plan for renovating your house is, make sure a skip hiring for your waste elimination needs. Our skip hire services are reliable and affordable as we work efficiently and hard to offer the lowest possible prices. Some other great benefits we offer with our skip services to help you are;

  • A guarantee of prices
  • A free guide to assist you in booking skips
  • A legal and safe way to dispose of your trash
  • A very efficient and quick service

Our Mini Skip Hire Services are available across the entire United Kingdom; no matter where you live in the United Kingdom, you just give us a call at Mini Skip Hire and trust our efficient skip services.

Small Skip Hire Service From Mini Skip Hire

If you are searching for a convenient waste elimination method for efficient waste management solutions, we have a great product of mini best appropriate for a vast range of applications. Our payment system is so simple that it can not be any simpler.

With our safe payment methods, you can relax that your payment is in safe hands. If you need your further concerns or questions answered, you can get in touch with our dedicated team. Our dedicated team will assist you through every step of the procedure.

For hiring small skip/mini skip at affordable prices, please click on the given button below;

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